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Today we’d like to introduce you to Ebony Harris.

Hi Ebony, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Fun fact: I would like to say my great idea of selling waist garments was direct influence by an article posted in Essence magazine. This article provided women with the correct attire to wear according to their body style. I spoke with my best friend, Kayla, and informed her that I wanted to take this article beyond the clothes but actually prove to women an unknown gem.

Shapewear can actually boost your confidence and allows you to look good in your clothes according to your body style. She said, let’s go! Even before deciding to launch my W.A. (Facebook wouldn’t allow me to use Aaist Assassins) Trainers, I have always been in tune with Shapewear, Corsets, and Waist Trainers. I really have a thing for creating a smooth and natural look in and out of your garments.

I would say the glue to this whole idea is the things I am committed to in my everyday life. For starters, every great business plan must have passion right? Ok, Eb – what are you passionate about? Exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. Second- How are you going to pitch this idea to millions of women?

–Look this is my product it works? No Genius, Use Charisma!!! My mom started me cheerleading at age 7. This allowed public speaking, crowd appeal, energy, and the intelligence of knowing the audience to come very easily when launching my business pitch. Literally, if given the opportunity I can sell a garment to anyone and you’d feel good about your purchase.

Third- I knew the launch had to make some necessary noise !!! Being an educator has two taught me two things. 1. Anything is possible with a little creativity. 2. Use what you have to make an impact on others. From there, I immediately said, I want to assassinate body fat, cellulite, and loose skin. Immediately, my best friend and I said, “The Waist Assassins!”

It’s catchy and each product name is specifically named after a military weapon according to how it targets your body. Last, when launching a business you will definitely need assistance with marketing/sales/information/technology… so this takes major leadership/coaching abilities.

People assumed this came naturally to me due to my role as a cheer coach. It did not. I had to research and reinvent my coaching strategies for adults. I must say God has a unique sense of humor. He allowed the very things that act as my passions, talents, and ambitions to work simultaneously to build a driving force – MY DESTINY!

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The road to destiny is never smooth. I would not want it if it was easy, right? Have I gotten discouraged along the way – YES! The sales market for Shapewear is very competitive. You’re competing with top names like Spanx, Skims, and Shapellx.

So instantly your mind is saying, “Girl, there’s no way you’re going to compete with these brands!” However, you allow your heart to fuel your passion to drive you through every season of your business.

This makes your brand stronger. What drives me to continue to show each day is a quote from H. Ross Perot, “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success.

They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.” Your challenges produce resilience! Any resilient entrepreneur will survive the best of all times!! – Ebony Harris.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am a jack of all trades! Literally!

By day I am an educator! I love teaching. I am a 10th-year educator! My students drive me to live life unapologetically. Students are so brave. You’d be amazed at the things most of them go through -but they continue on to school for an outlet- A WAY Out. A Way to Succeed!

By afternoon- I am a high school large varsity cheerleading Coach. Let me tell you, Coaching High School cheer is
LI-TE-RA-LLY like eating a box of chocolates — call it cheesy if you like but walk with me here- you never know what you’ll get.

Coaching ignites a fire in me no matter how I’m feeling! What motivates me most about coaching high school? Seeing how the cheerleader may have the best talent but has a heart becomes a beautiful nightmare on the floor… Guys, this warms my heart!!!! Completely!

Back to my multiple hats – I am an all-star cheer coach by evening. I love my babies. They are such adorable little divas! Let me not forget to mention – sponges! They love to learn – those intentional and unintentional behaviors. By night – I am a full time Mom/Aunt/Sister/Daughter/Cousin/Niece/Friend. I have a huge family!!

Every day is a reality show, but I wouldn’t have any other way. I love my family !!!! I do! My friends always say,” I don’t think you’d know how to live with a calm schedule!” I would not live with a normal schedule here or there! Khylan and Carter I love you guys! We’re just a step away… this is our motto!

Where we are in life is often partly because of others. Who/what else deserves credit for how your story turned out?
My mom is my biggest cheerleader! Literally – she celebrates my accomplishments with pride! Funny thing- she’s like that with everyone! My business success is definitely owed to a few key players:

My parents, PR-Kayla Williams, Sister- Ciera, Cousins -Tosha/Kierra are actually due multiple flowers. These individuals branded the business. I was complacent with the original product but they wanted so much more for the business. WA Trainers launched with two trainers (One sauna band and one double strapped neoprene waist trainer).

My friends (Shanna/Kyera/Leigh, and Kayla) are just awesome they are the eyes of the business: they have a competitive nature that keeps W.A. a step ahead for product versatility, products on hand, and markets markets markets the brand

We know how a vendor for our products. We now offer Fajas, Shapewear, Trainers, Corsets, Bands, Sauna Bands, Men Trainers, Exercise, Adhesive Bras, and Apparel. Fat Slimming, and Detox Tea, I am grateful to now offering 22 products one year after launching in April 2021.

My media specialist is amazing – Mr. Errance Davis- he is the epitome of generosity. He’s the face behind the brand images and website design. I created my original logo. Now before you chuckle. I did an amazing job; however, this man took my logo to an entirely new horizon. The logo sells itself honestly. I’d like to say it’s as strong as the Nike symbol.

It’s always great to have a visionary on your team. My investor- Slim! I appreciate you for seeing the vision behind my products! Your motivation is actually what keeps W.A. afloat. My family – your prayers, your support, your guidance, your silence, your motivation. Guys, I am truly nothing without you all.

My tagline queen- First Lady-Katrina – It’s time to Get Waist’D. I’d be remiss if I did not recognize the man with the master plan -my chemist – Emanuel – he is the face behind the Waist’D Detox Plus Tea. Khylan and Carter are my packaging specialists.


  • •Shapewear ($15-$30)
  • •Fajas ($40-$60)
  • Sauna Leggins ($10-$30)
  • Waist Trainers ($30-$50)
  • Detox Tea ($25-$30)

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