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Conversations with Ebony “E-Cupid” Foster

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ebony “E- Cupid” Foster.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
If I’m a familiar face to you, it’s quite possible that you’ve seen me supervising or running the front end of a popular grocery store in midtown. My background happens to be in retail management and accounting. I tried so hard to work my way up the corporate ladder but entrepreneurship had a mean hold on me.

Realized through several positions I’ve held with the company, I’m more than capable of starting and operating a business of my own. With major hopes and aspirations that the booming city would help me find my niche as an entrepreneur, I randomly decided to leave Memphis and move to Nashville.

Little did I know, God was ordering my steps towards something bigger than I could see at the time. I was blessed to transfer to Nashville and get a position I was aiming to get at a later date here in Memphis. I got it, however, it was short-lived. Eventually, I had to make a decision to work a 9-5 or begin the journey of entrepreneurship. I chose to keep stepping out on faith and going for the unknown. SCARY but very necessary!!

Shortly after making that huge move, my life took a drastic turn. I found a mentor that offered me a job to basically give me live insight on how to properly run my business. On my first day, I get a call from my sister that my mom is dead! Completely confused because we were just FaceTiming and she was perfectly fine, sweet baby Jesus, I have questions.

Three weeks later my grandmother dies and three weeks after that my aunt. Every backbone of the family is now deceased! Depression was an understatement. I turned to my faith as I’ve always had but that wasn’t the only thing I turned to… men and alcohol were the other. Very short-lived because God was NOT having that.

Here I am, I have started my very first business, Innovations Home Therapy, a home cleaning service. I’ve just taught myself how to bid, brand, structure, and somehow convince strangers to trust me in their homes, found a very prestigious mentor and now my mental space and heart are just scattered. Nobody but God gave me the strength to keep going, With prayer and a desperate heart, God had what he likes to call, “a ram in the bush”.

After about three months of being an emotional disaster, Finally, getting my very first mansion client, I had to turn down the offer a week later… I was pregnant! When I found out I was pregnant my son’s father made it CLEAR that he was not going to be presently supportive but he will pay child support.

My aunt then convinced me that moving home close to family would be my best bet. With the grief and new life, I was carrying, my support system back home sounded slightly refreshing. The only problem, I would lose everything I had worked so hard for. And I did.

Completely apprehensive about my decision, I immediately left and headed home. With $600 to my name, my very first baby on the way, a ton of debt from business start-up costs, and a vehicle that I was not done paying for… I wobbled on down the road with nothing but my faith. No plan, no business, no job, just faith.

Pregnant and living with my aunt, God sent people that genuinely loved me to help me during this season. I eventually was able to move into a based-on-income apartment and begin to rebuild my life from the ground up, LITERALLY.

I started a mother’s encouragement group called, “Mommy Evolve” which aimed to encourage and motivate mothers like myself, to keep pushing and pursuing their dreams despite hardships and the challenges of motherhood. Little did I know this group would bring one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life and she would be the catalyst God used to push me into purpose.

At the time she was a YouTuber, fashion guru, and her very own photographer. She did EVERYTHING on her page herself! One day, I asked if I could tag along because I could not believe how great her pictures turned out and she shot them herself!

As she began to prepare and photograph herself (which indeed was a task) feeling completely useless, I asked, “If you just tell me what to do with the camera I can take the picture.” Never had I picked up a camera in my life, you would have thought this was my everyday job.

The shooting came so naturally! I killed the session and the pictures were beautiful! Let’s just say I haven’t put the camera down since. When I posted the pictures on my social media, I began to get session inquiries, and all the business structures that I taught myself with Innovations, now made sense.

I and my friend decided to go into business together and named it, “Life In Session Photography & Branding”. Our partnership was very short-lived and eventually, it was just me because her passions began to shift to another area.

I’m just enjoying elevating as an entrepreneur and raising my 2 boys, Elijah Mikhail (3) & Ethan Mikhail (7 months)

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I haven’t had many smooth roads in life at all. My challenges have always been uphill but I’m built for the life I live.

From finances, business abandonment, general life, and literally teaching myself everything I know, the road has been more of a roller coaster.

From people thinking following my dreams is a mistake and losing faith in me, I can say, metaphorically speaking, I’m not the same person that got on the ride as the one that got off.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I’m an innovative, self-taught photographer.

I specialize in seeing versions of people that they can’t see for themselves. Behind the camera as well as in real life. I consider the ability a gift! I’ve incorporated this gift as a technique to capitalize on when it comes to my style of photography. I’m what I like to call a “photo prophet”.

I specialize in understanding and creating humane systems, everything I do is to give back to others. Rather it’s information. experience or tangible. I believe in collecting to give.

E- Cupid Blind Date would definitely be what I’m known for locally. E- Cupid Blind Date was a session segment that combined matchmaking, entertainment, and photography all in one.

I’m most proud of my most recent project called, “Shoot Memphis”. I’m challenging the negative reputation Memphis has by showcasing the raw, positive culture of the city through photography.

I really don’t know what sets me apart from others. I’m a loner and not a fan of comparing or competing. I think the people around me would better define that statement than myself.

What makes you happy?
Nothing makes me happier than loving and being loved back. I get so much joy from my babies and real friends because their love is so pure and reciprocal.

I enjoy experiencing people in general. Hearing their stories, perspectives, and take on their individuality is so fulfilling to me.

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Darion Lee with Black Optic Images and Cierra Harris

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