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Daily Inspiration: Meet Floyd “Tre Lee” Lee, III

Today we’d like to introduce you to Floyd “Tre Lee” Lee, III.

Hi Floyd, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
My story begins back in a city in the Delta of Mississippi called Greenville. Growing up in the Delta of Mississippi, sometimes the ideals, dreams, and gifts glance over. I was fortunate to be able to grow up in a home with both a mother and father. My mother is a director of a private school in Greenville, MS.

My father worked on the manufacturing line for the Nissan factory. Two hard-working parents were dedicated to providing a living for their children. Two hard-working parents were dedicated to providing a living for their children and community. I would like to say my drive came from both of them with the souls of both grandmothers mixing their wisdom in that pot.

I always wanted to change the world in some form or fashion. I knew my God-given talent came with words, not only when it came to creating music but also speaking on different platforms. I like to consider myself a “words-man,” which is a flip to the swordsman. Ironically, like the swordsman is swift and crafty with his sword, I am with my words. The only thing my words were lacking, in the beginning, was the alignment with their God-given purpose.

I could take you on a journey through my life, but that would require more pages to be filled. All my life, I wanted to be a superhero. I know that sounds over the top, but as a child every Saturday morning, I would sit in front of the television to consume the morning shows, starting with Spiderman down to X-Men. Now I was not trying to run around in a cape or costume, but I did want to save my people. I wanted to make sure that I could provide a solution and fix all problems.

I never knew that mentally I would be taking up an idea that would be the cause of my mental health. Through expertise and research, I found out I had a general anxiety disorder. The anxiety was connected to situations where I could not control the outcome or fix the situation. I named it the “Superman Syndrome.” My anxiety got worst after several significant deaths happened in my life back to back.

Mentally I could not bounce back as most all heroes do in the comics. I was not able to find healing in the silence. So I went on an ongoing journey with God to seek healing beyond my mind. I realized that I would do myself and others a disservice if I did not share the journey. So through my Wednesday devotionals called Winning-Wednesday, I begin to display my journey and be vulnerable with my readers.

I realized that my healing process was beginning because of my honesty. Being open and honest sparked the name of a Non-Profit/Clothing Line, my wife, and I own called HONESTY BRINGS HEALING. It started with a t-shirt, but eventually, we noticed that this t-shirt was more prominent than just words on the shirt. Honesty Brings Healing was bringing awareness to mental health, especially in black communities.

Something that I preach is that Jesus is needed as we heal, and he also provides the gift of counsel through therapist and accountability circles. Honesty Brings Healing enjoys the fashion statement, but the ultimate goal is to put mental health programs in the black communities that cannot afford these valuable resources.

My wife is a therapist so her expertise is always helpful when it comes to our mission of growing the Honesty Brings Healing Mission. Our honesty becomes a bridge for someone else’s healing as well.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle-free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
If I had to describe the process, I would relate it to an airplane ride. The take-off is uncomfortable, and a little bumpy. The lift-off brings so many emotions within but being able to see the elevation view is amazing because you know God is taking you higher. Along with the flight, there are moments of turbulence and unexpected weather interactions.

A thing I notice along the path is not allowing yourself to neglect your human traits as well as others. We all are emotional especially when it comes to things we are passionate about. I have learned through my relationship with God that he has emotions as well, but the difference is he does not react to his emotions. This means embracing the emotions that come with the journey but do not be an emotional responder.

There have been times I wanted to throw in the towel on all of this but I am reminded that in those moments it is not my strength I can rely on as I push forward. Some of the support systems have changed along the way but I am reminded that everybody is not a part of the marathon, some are just for the sprints that take place in life.

Every day you watch yourself grow into who God is calling you to be and that gets uncomfortable for you and others.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
So, I have many hats and each of them has importance in its own way. A role that I have been blessed with is being a Young Adult Pastor at Brown Baptist. In this role, I can walk with people hand and hand while ministering to them about Christ.

Another amazing thing is that I can introduce the church to mental health and how it is a matter that needs to be upfront when dealing with people in their spiritual journey. I created a platform called YA THINK TANK, where we have uncomfortable conversations about things that take place in our culture but can lend a solution through Christ.

Season 1 is available on Brown Baptist YouTube, and we are currently working through Season 2. I advise you to tune in because the conversations have been very effective.

I have begun to step into my public speaking bag and have changed my name to SPEAK TRE LEE. I always knew this would be an avenue for me, but it has been a blessing to navigate it now in my life. I have been able to speak to all different types of audiences, but the youth is my favorite crowd.

They are entertaining within themselves, but they love authenticity. This role is humbling because it allows me to learn about myself as I grow in my speaking arena. Finally, is the Christian Artist side of me! I am back in my creative process of creating a new album to follow up on What Better Time Than Now.

I want to make sure that my music tells stories that are relatable and help other people see the grace of God that has carried me this far. Music has always been in my heart but lately, the music I am creating is evolving to the sound that is destined for me.

What would you say has been one of the most important lessons you’ve learned?
The most important lesson I have learned in this journey is that I am still learning daily.

Every day presents us with time and opportunity but we have to embrace it in the best methods. I have learned that every day we are evolving and have to push forward no matter the odds. I take 15 minutes out of the day to do self-reflection.

This allows me to be able to look over the daily good, bad, and ugly. In these moments, I can take time to see what I need to do better or improve on. The point is never to prove yourself to people but to improve yourself daily.

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