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Inspiring Conversations with Simone The Mastermind of Akamai Enterprise

Today we’d like to introduce you to Simone The Mastermind.

Hello Simone The Mastermind, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
By now, I have gotten over that “corporate hurt” of being overworked, underpaid, and most importantly–undermined. I jumped ship and became an entrepreneur in 2014. For years, I thought that was the beginning of it all.

You see, time-lapsed in entrepreneurship means absolutely nothing if you lack a vision. Your product or service may be the best thing for a client but that means nothing if you don’t have a strategy to push it and make it happen.

This year although I am commemorating being in business for eight years, it wasn’t until 2019 that I gained the vision to implement a strategy by 2022 that would be a game-changer for a lot of business owners.

It became my sole obligation to assist entrepreneurs with retiring the around-the-clock grind in their business by learning to generate a new stream of income that did not require their presence. I knew that my purpose was to guide entrepreneurs with a strategy that would allow them to work less in their business than they did in their 9-5. When I was in corporate, I worked over 60 hours a week.

I saw it as a sacrifice, only to be disgraced after. Now, I work less than 15 hours a week in my business and I show others how to do the same. I was aware of my purpose–to be of service to others. Oh but when the vision of your brand aligns with that purpose, magic can happen.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It has absolutely not been a smooth road. As I tell people, entrepreneurship didn’t come with a manual–so sometimes you have to find your own way.

There have been a few trials as I worked to perfect a system that was of ease for my clients. Something that fully explains and guides them from start to finish.

We’ve been impressed with Akamai Enterprise, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I am Simone Santana, but everyone knows me as Simone the Mastermind–your number one business development strategist. I am the proud owner of Akamai (Ah-kuh-my) Enterprise, a consulting firm that provides business strategy and coaching support. I have been a full-time entrepreneur since April of 2014 and my clients average a minimum of 350% increase in their sales after working with me.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs retire that 24/7 grind that they THINK they are supposed to have in order to be successful in their business. I do show by showing them how to minimize their workload while maximizing their revenue.

This is done by following a three-step process that includes price points, digital products, and automation. It’s imperative that business owners have a strategy in place that generates sales without requiring their presence. That’s the key component to business growth and being able to scale.

What sets me apart from others is that I am unapologetically me. I am a single mother of two, a full-time boss, and a caregiver, and I still manage to have an amazing social life. I don’t water down my personality or put on this facade for social media. My audience accepts this comical, relative, bubbly, affirmative personality that I have! Everyone knows that I am going to have my martini.

They know that I proudly state where I am from (North Memphis to be exact). Most importantly, everyone knows that in addition to sharing the glitz and glam of being a boss, I share the not-so-pretty stuff as well.

Brand wise, I am the proudest of the fact that I am impacting and transforming lives by showing other bosses how to regain their entrepreneurial freedoms. I want readers to know that I am their go-to for all things business strategy when they are ready to stop working their business around the clock.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or give credit to?
Sandra Ford: The first person to ever see my potential. She was also the meanest boss I’ve ever had in my life *laughs*. But seriously though, she threw me into a management role and cultivated me to be someone that mastered leading. There were no other options. She was very intelligent and motivating for me.

Looking back, I can honestly say I finally understand why she was the way that she was with me. Sandra was not a soft leader, was very strategic and was well respected in her field of leadership. At that time, I couldn’t understand that she was molding me to be the same way. So much that when I stepped into corporate America, I skyrocketed.

Darrell Oatis: The last person that was connected to in corporate America, but was the one that encouraged me to tap into entrepreneurship. Oatis was my Regional Director. A bit militant, but always a great person to have around. He saw that I was more than my 9-5 (which most definitely I worked more hours than that).

So when I finally left, he knew already when it was about to happen. This man had sat on the phone with me for many nights to motivate me and encourage me. That’s stuff that has influenced me even to this day.

My very first business coach. I was about five years in business, but I hit rock bottom and had to humble myself. We connected over Twitter actually and he took time out to help me grow by teaching me about price point strategy and encouraging me to change my pricing from $250 to $2500. This introduced me to a new audience of people. I actually started to like being an entrepreneur again.

Chiquita Willis: Or should I say, “Godiva”. She is the godmother of my children. We met at a time when things were a bit low for me. I had just recently lost my grandfather and got out of a bad relationship. I ended up falling in love with one of her cupcakes at her bakeshop that was up the street from me! One thing she taught me early on was pushing the envelope. I would say things like, “I can’t have that” or “I don’t know if I can do this, so I’ma just do that” and her response was the same every time–“why not?”

Every time she asked, it made me think. I began to think so much that it transformed my mindset because even with asking why not, I never had an answer. Which further confirmed I was just saying that because I had limited beliefs. This has taught me to dream big, set goals outside of my comfort zone, and to go out and do and have everything that I want and need, for the simple reason that I desire it. This has been very impactful on my entrepreneurial journey.

And of course, all my supporters, advocates, and clients have played a big role in my success, because of all the business coaches and strategists out there, you chose me. You are appreciated and I do not take that lightly. Thank you all for allowing me to provide you with business insight, and encourage you to be your authentic self and make money in the process.

You are loved!


  • Quarterly Coaching – $3497
  • Essential Biz Book Bundle – $9
  • Consultation – $99 & $149
  • Building Biz Credit course – $29
  • Project Management – $1497

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