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The Most Inspiring Stories in Memphis

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below.

Keanna Winters

I have always had a passion for helping others and then started working as a social worker at a rural hospital/nursing home in Mississippi after graduating from college. I then began working with the geriatric population, as well as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in my early twenties. My passion for working with people with disabilities was a result of my internship in the nursing home. With this experience, I was able to see firsthand the need for more compassionate people in the healthcare field. Read more>>

Jacolbie Hardy

My story is quite simple. I got put out of high school my senior year, but because my mom decided not to just let me settle, she made me go back and finish high school and get my diploma. Upon graduating, I started to study the daycare business under my mom’s teaching and eventually I branched out on my own and pursued Destination Education in 2016 all while working a full-time job at LeBonheur Children Hospital. I started off with just two kids and within eight months I had fifty kids by the time I reached one year of being in business, I had doubled in kids. Read more>>

Khalia Mitchell

I taught myself how to braid hair on my “my little pony” horse when I was younger, around 4/5 years old & as I grew older I used to always do my bratz dolls hair lol. I started braiding for money when I was a junior/senior in high school. I wanted the extra money & more practice. I always knew that doing hair was my passion. I continued doing hair once I got to college, I focused on braids & wig installs. I recently just got into doing locs about a year ago. Ever since I started working in a shop and doing hair more, my passion for locs just grew & grew. Now, I rarely do braids, I focus on locs & men’s natural hairstyles. Read more>>

Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery the band started in December of 2019, but the music started way before then. I have played music since I was in elementary school starting on acoustic guitar. My mother told me I had to pick an instrument that was quieter than the drums. I learned slowly until I hit middle school and picked up the bass guitar. I joined a few high school bands while I was still just a middle schooler. High school sports soon got in the way of playing music, so I took a hiatus for a while. After starting community college on the coast of Mississippi, I picked back up music to fill in my free time. Read more>>

Isaiah Baker

It all started for me back in high school I was in a graphic arts class and I was really getting into it and along with that, I started getting interested in photography so one day my dad surprised me with an old camera that his friend sold to him for like $60 for me. So that got me really started learning photos and one day my friend’s moms mom is getting married and their photographer canceled on them at the last minute so they called me and I did the shoot for them and they paid me well and loved the pics and from there I was like oh wow I can make decent money doing this and I also love people so this is perfect and from there I perfected my craft and always will be but over time I added in video and audio production to what I offer and it’s lead to me meeting and going to some very awesome places. Read more>>


I’ve been rapping since forever. I grew up listening to music. My folks listen to music and they just kind of brought me into it. Then, I started playing with the piano, and eventually I learned how to record myself and then it just took off from there. They listen to a lot of stuff like, old school, always listening to a lot of Biggie and Tupac, Snoop Dogg, stuff like that. I was like, 15. It started because I had gone to my first studio session and I paid $50, you know, that was a lot of money back then. I really didn’t have a lot of money and it didn’t go how I wanted it to go. It was terrible, it didn’t sound good. I had an hour session and that hour session felt like 30 minutes. Read more>>

Destiny Parson

I owned a lash business and was low on funds and decided to create my own content for that business to save money. During this process I found a new love for graphic design and decided to take it more seriously. It has not been a completely smooth road. There have many highs and lows. From consistency on my car , maintaining a steady clientele, & more. Nevertheless the entire journey has been rewarding. I am a self taught graphic designer. I specialize in e-flyer development & text based logo development. What sets me apart from others is my client experience. I strive to provide my clients with an experience they aren’t able to get else where. Read more>>

Hayley Efird

The inspiration for The Doghouse came to me back in 2016 when I was in town hanging out at a friend’s house and grabbing a snack from the fridge. I noticed these proud fur parents had their dog’s progress report taped to their refrigerator from their doggy daycare. It was a simple checklist of activities and behaviors from the dog’s day. Nothing too fancy, but it sure blew the socks off the parents. That’s when my mind started going places, creatively speaking, as it naturally does being an Art Director in Advertising. I thought this could be much more than a list of checkmarks. It could be so much more personal through the power of creativity. Read more>>

Savannah White

My creative journey can be characterized as having no beginning or end. As a child I always loved any type of creative outlet… drawing, painting, needlepoint and sewing. Art class was always a highlight for me when I was young, and when I started high school and realized I could take art every single day I was thrilled. I graduated high school finishing AP Art but went on to earn my University degree in Communications. I never stopped painting for myself, and others throughout college, but it was not until I started my first corporate job that I began to exhibit my art. Read more>>

Ashli Scott

I have been working with herbs and energy healing for about 11 years now after moving out to Arizona in my early adult life. I always had an affinity to be of service and to help bring out the magic in others and fully have stepped more into my gifts over the past 5 years. Taking the plants more seriously, I became a certified herbalist and started combining spiritual and physical aspects to promote deep healing on an emotional and medicinal level with my clients. Over the past year I was apprenticing as a shamanic practitioner working with divine plant medicines to take this a step further. Read more>>


I became a Registered Nurse in 1996. I started out as an RN working at various hospitals in the City of Memphis. I began to not feel that I was making a great difference at the bedside caring my patients. But, during my time working as a bedside nurse, I met a wonderful Nurse Practitioner named Lucretia Wilkerson. She was then and still is a great mentor for me for me. I eventually enrolled into Arkansas State University under the Family Nurse Practitioner tract. I graduated May 2009, began working in various specialties as a provider that included Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care and Family Practice. Read more>>

K.F. Golden

I’m a freelance illustrator and cartoonist currently working out of Memphis. I graduated in 2015 from the Memphis College of Art under their Illustration program, and since then I have been travelling around the country as a guest artist at comics and gaming shows. For the most part, my work travels with me; my primary mediums are ink and watercolor, and I do many of my paintings as custom pieces at shows. I also produce merchandise such as stickers, keychains, prints, and buttons out of my home studio, much of which you can find on sale locally. Read more>>

Caprica Collins

I’ve always been artistic. I used to love drawing so much as a kid. As I became older my passion for drawing started to fade. When I became an adult I decided to further my artistic skills with makeup. No matter how horrible my work was on myself I never gave up on it. After getting my first paying client it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to pursue makeup as a career move. I also knew it would not be easy and that I would have to constantly put in work to achieve success, including but not limited to, watching YouTube videos and doing a lot of research to better my technique’s and skills. I practiced every chance I got on family & myself. Read more>>

Lateisha Harris

Well, the very first job I ever had was in retail (fashion) and from the jump, I had an instant connection. I fell in love with EVERYTHING about retail, from visual merchandising to simply helping customers. It’s something that I genuinely loved. As the years went by, I moved up from sales associate to key holder and eventually all the way up to store manager. Becoming a boutique owner was something that just felt right. It was something I knew I could do. So I spent ALL off 2019, researching any and everything I could about owning a boutique and finding the perfect pieces to sell. Read more>>

Te’Arra Stewart

I found my passion for art my Freshman year of college. I switched my major from Animal Science to Visual Arts within a semester of attending The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. The Art Department at the University opened my eyes to different career paths I could take with art as a focus. I’ve done several internships at Ivy League schools like Yale and Princeton for Art Preservation and Conservation and curatorial studies. While in college I was commissioned a lot to do artwork for people. So my Senior year of college I purchased an LLC and created Artbytsteew. Read more>>

Carla Thomas

Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my story. “BERRY” Fabulous Berries all started just me being a single mom trying to make some extra money so that my oldest son could enjoy his senior year to the fullest. I just wanted him to experience what I didn’t. That was 8 years ago. (OMG)  “BERRY” Fabulous Berries made it possible for all 3 of my son’s to have that “Senior Year” experience. I had no clue as to what I was doing. I was just going to the store buying strawberries and chocolate. Melting chocolate & burning chocolate along the way. Read more>>

Barbara Farmer-Tolbert

I am a lifelong Memphian. I was born into generational poverty and reared in a community known as the Foote Homes Housing Project. This area of Memphis was documented as one of the poorest zip codes in the nation. My neighborhood was encompassed by crime, broken homes, and a struggling school system. So, clearly, as the late Langston Hughes would say, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” I am the 2nd child of a sibling group of 5. My parents taught us to be considerate of others and to always protect one another. We were also expected to abide by the very strict rules set forth by our parents. Read more>>

Briannaca Saulsberry

Briannaca “Bri” Saulsberry—founder, producer + lead designer of BS & Co. is a proud Memphian + graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a degree in Public Relations— as she’s always had a thing for strategic communication, engaging people + brands and building strong brand rapport! But little did she know that one day she would be doing just that for her own brand. Her heart has always been captured by beauty + luxury in all things fashion, food, art, interior design, and experiences. Read more>>

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