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Rising Stars: Meet Andrew Snorton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Snorton.

Hi Andrew, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
Through the lens of writing (author), it really got started in 2010-16 when I previously wrote for an online magazine ( which is no longer around). When that opportunity concluded, I knew I wanted to write, but didn’t really know what direction I want to go.

After speaking with a few colleagues (mainly Tyressa Ty and Darius Gourdine), I really started to “flex” my writing muscles. I had a book I was working on, but unfortunately, I lost the manuscript when my laptop crashed. I’ll admit I was very upset for about 10 minutes (I won’t repeat everything I said, LOL); however, when I thought about it, it actually made sense.

I was supposed to release something different and more impactful. By the time February 2017 comes around, I have my first book, “Deeper Than Your Deepest Sleep: Thoughts on Love with Joseph Snorton” published and this is the springboard for my subsequent (a total of three books and five audiobooks) writing journey.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
In general, it’s been a steady road.

It does not mean there have not been any rejections (i.e. As some of the bookstores in the city have been delayed with their response). However, when you have all three of your books to date on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (online), that’s a pretty solid position to be in. When bookstores in cities such as (but not limited to) Dallas, Detroit, Jackson, Charlotte, Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Atlanta, Macon, Roanoke, Winder, GA; and Winston-Salem (specifically your alma mater, Wake Forest University), that’s a good feeling and you feel encouraged to keep pushing forward.

The same with audiobooks (The Author’s Mixtape series) as they are available on platforms such as (but not limited to) Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Itunes, Apple Music, Shazaam, Deezer, and others.

The biggest struggle is getting started. Sometimes, you are thinking too much about doing the perfect job; your mindset has to be producing a work that is authentic, accessible, and relatable. Can people connect with you and the content, even if they may not always agree with you?

The next struggle is being consistent with sharing your narrative of the work you are doing, the themes covered, and why it’s something readers should keep on their radar and support with a purchase, a referral, or even a simple like and share so more people are in a position to support you (so you can use your “attention” to draw support for other areas of societal need). You know what to do, but at times, keeping your energy level up can be a challenge.

However, when you connect with platforms and audiences like yours, it lets you know you are getting there, so keep going!

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
As noted, I’ve been blessed to write three books and record five audiobooks since my debut in 2017.

“Deeper” (which I mentioned earlier), is for those who are fans of poetry. It’s a look at the action of love based on a conversation with extended family. We cover love through the lens of family, friends, loved ones, people in and no longer in your life, community, and self-reflection. With it being viewed through men’s lenses, it’s an eye-opener and is ideal for poetry readers. “9 Stories of Faith: Volume 1”, is definitely for those in need of motivation and encouragement.

People open up about their biggest daily challenge and how their faith, consistent application of best practices in health and wellness, support network, and changing their way of thinking, how they live lives of power and purpose; that can be even more encouraging as they are dealing with physical health, mental health, live after incarceration, and other hard-hitting challenges.

“nothing Minor” goes in a different direction; it’s a look at the grand game of baseball through the lens of the minor leagues. To me, this level is a hidden gem as this is where the stars of tomorrow take today to hone their skill sets. When you can interview 1st round draft picks to seasoned veterans, getting their insight on the game and beyond is very eye-opening, especially when you can apply what they are saying to larger life lessons.

Combined with the photography and coverage, it allows fans of all levels to “get in the game today,” especially with the sections on the Negro Southern Leagues Museum and insight from an umpire’s perspective. There’s a rich history (as the league celebrates its 100th year in 2020) and impact, so combined with seeing the game (as coverage takes place in NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, and MS), it’s just an engaging read for sports fans and more.

The audiobook series, The Author’s Mixtape, is probably my more creative work (imagine that, LOL). All of the books are done freestyle; this means we do all writing and recording in the studio as we don’t pre-write anything. This borrows from the improvisational style of jazz and the freestyle spirit of hip-hop. The first three volumes (which are released each August and February) are ones I did a solo project (respectively 7, 8, and 9 tracks).

Volume 4 takes a creative approach as I introduce Kris10 to provide even greater energy and synergy; she does such an amazing job that for Volume 5 (Forward thinking- believing, doing), she is the featured author. The blend of music, spoken, word, and more is really an engaging and soul-stirring experience for the mind, body, and soul.

All this means is if there’s something I’m known for (writing-wise), it’s challenging myself to connect with my gifts and talents within and go even further. Who says I can’t do it all, so why limit myself? I think that’s what it comes down to in addition to being authentic and accessible, along with knowing there are enough seats at the table for all of us to eat. I have no problem working with others and in the case of Kris10, when you are around greatness, either support it, elevate it, or get out of the way!

On top of that, being the host of my own show (The Conversation Corner on the Status Network – it airs every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7 pm CST via and being nominated for Author of the Year by the Black Only Awards (November 2021 in Atlanta, GA), it’s just a reminder of what you can do when you choose to embrace your gifts and talents and in the words of one of the people, I interviewed (from “nothing Minor”), to simply filter out the noise.

Stay focused and it allows you to just be the authentic voice needed.

I’ll keep developing and amplifying mine; as much as I’ve been able to do these past few years, there’s more in store of me.

Get ready, as I sure am!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Remain encouraged.

Remain motivated and inspired.

Discover the talents within, including those you did not think, didn’t exist. And please find and use your voice; there is someone out there who is looking for YOU and needs to hear from YOU, so how dare you not speak up and out with some sense, humor, and sincerity.


  • Deeper than your deepest sleep: thoughts on love with Joseph Snorton ($12 per copy)
  • 9 stories of faith: volume 1 ($11 per copy)
  • nothing Minor (hardcover is $18 per copy)
  • The Author’s Mixtape (audiobook series may be streamed or purchased – the pricing varies per the platform)

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